Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chats on the Porch 72

Everyday Ruralty
  1. What's your favorite ornament on your tree? If you have no Christmas tree, please tell me about something pretty in your home that you enjoy.
  2. What do you do when a telemarketer calls?
  3. What was the last kind of candy you had? Admit it- you had one tiny little bite. We understand:)
  4. Do you send out Christmas cards? If not applicable- do you use snail mail?
  5. Please finish this. I sometimes wonder___________________________.
1. my crochet snow flakes my grandma made me & sent every year. I will not be getting any this year she sadly passed away in April...BUT  I will have snowflakes on the tree smiling at me from her.
2. Caller Id Baby!!! No answer!!
3. I ate 3 pieces of my Sees candy last night in bed errr bad girl just the eating them in bed part right? heehee
4. Yes I do and I hated the ones I originally picked so I am not sending them, I wanted to do a family photo but it got to late so I am going over on my lunch and finding new ones, the cover was cute but the message inside just fell flat and I love me a cute meaningful card so I will not settle for less and yes I will snail mail them because I support our United States Postal Dept.
5. I sometimes wonder what I should be when I grow up!!
Head on over to Patrice's and do some chatting with us all you will be glad you did we are a great bunch of gals and we have Patrice's horse Wendell so no hens just a horse of course!! hay Wendell!!


  1. Since we got rid of our landline and only use our cell phones, we never ever get telemarketers! yea!!!!

    1. Those darn telemarketers call on our cell phones, too! My 14-yo is constantly getting them. Boo, hiss!!

  2. I love that you wonder what you should be when you grow up but I personally do not plan on ever growing up!

  3. I love call ID. They always seem to call at dinner time!

  4. "I ain't never growing old, I keep on rolling with the flow." ~Charlie Rich~


  5. OK, this is a cheesy answer but it it true. All the ornaments my kids made are my favourite.

    When tele-marketers call I don't answer. Call display! Though I have to admit a few weeks back I answered because this particular TM had been calling 4 times a day for weeks. When I answered I was very firm about asking them to not call anymore. I felt bad afterwards because it must be a horrible job and I admire anyone that will work and stay off the system.

    I had one chocolate last night.

    Don't do Christmas cards. They overwhelm me.

    I sometimes wonder if I will ever be strong.

  6. Great answers....love the last one!! ;-)

  7. I want to be a writer when I grow up. For many years I didn't want to grow up. I guess it was just more fun to eat chocolate in bed and stuff like that!Wendell likes the idea of being brushed. Go for it. We can have tea and lots of chocolates when you finish brushing him. Then we could talk for hours!Wouldn't that be fun? :)

  8. What a lovely legacy your grandmother left you. That is something so personal and irreplaceable.

    When you grow up you will be an even more beautiful person than you are now (if that's even possible!).

    Blessings to you Janice.

  9. oh I just love your snowflake story. I am a sucker for nostalgia so I keep almost everything that someone gives me.

  10. I totally agree with you on the sentiment in Christmas cards. Some years I have settled for a less than marvelous front just because the sentiment was so perfect. I don't know why the card makers can't put the best pix with the best inside. :)

  11. My grandma made us all Christmas stockings (crocheted), but they were all lost when my mom moved years and years ago. I still mourn the loss of them.

  12. Chocolate in bed...You go girl:O) Maybe we'll quit when we figure out we're supposed to be grown up...Have a blessed week

  13. I love crochet lace ornaments. I have a few, but haven't seen them on the tree for many years because the kids fill the tree. :)


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