Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chats on the Porch 68

Everyday Ruralty
 Hey it is Tuesday and that means some time on the porch with Patrice & Wendell
  1. What's your favorite Thanksgiving side dish? For anyone not in the US, what's your favorite fall side dish?
  2. What's the first thing you do when you have a headache?
  3. Do you like to "people watch"? (Observe people in public while waiting for something or relaxing)
  4. Where's your family most likely to eat for a day to day meal? (Read= not holiday)
  5. Tell me about your plans for Thanksgiving Day. Or tell me something special you will do soon.
1. Cranberry sauce whole berries please.
2. Try not to cry, crying hurts the head more. 
3. People watching is a huge thing for me to enjoy with my husband, we have attended some pretty interesting events just for the people watching.
4. The kitchen table
5. I love making Thanksgiving dinner, so I will cook the bird, make snacks, dips, and treats, desserts and speciality drinks for the kids and a few extras. Us being a football family we watch football & then a comedy or two always.


  1. Sounds like fun at your house on Thanksgiving. Have a happy holiday.

  2. What a wonderful sounding Thanksgiving! We usually spend it with our families and a football is always on. By the time we get home it's really late, but we reserve our own traditions for the rest of the weekend eating all the same dishes and watching usually our favorite, Plans, Trains, & Automobiles! Thanks for the heads up on the new blog URL! Now, following you here!

  3. I wish I was coming to your house for the holiday!!! Ha ha! Following you back via GFC. Thanks for sharing!

  4. How I love my cranberry sauce! Berry or the jelled is fine with me. Sounds like you have a fun Thanksgiving planned.Have a great week!

  5. Your thanksgiving sounds fun, and calorie heavy! Lol But thats what holidays are for, right? Enjoy your family time.

  6. Seems like people watching is just a human trait we all have!!! Your THANKSgiving sounds great....just time spent with family!!! HOPE yours is great!

  7. I love to people watch too! Not sure about my Thanksgiving plans yet.
    My favorite Thanksgiving food is stuffing and gravy.


  8. Yes, must be whole berries. My mom still makes them home-made. Which in our family means someone put on their muckers and actually waded out to harvest some cranberries first.
    When I start to feel a headache coming on, a follow the medicine bottle directions to the letter!!
    "take 2 and keep away from children."

  9. Love the new site! Definitely great answers to the questions. Great posting and enjoyed reading!

  10. Excedrin Migraine is the BEST for headaches, but it's still off the market right now. So I cry. But thank you for the tip. Maybe crying isn't the best plan.

    I have fantasies of making a big Thanksgiving dinner one day, but then I remember:

    I don't cook.

    Thank goodness I married a man that does, or we'd all starve.

  11. OMG... I love your new little icon!!!!
    hope all is well... great answers!!!!

  12. Either the berry or the jelled is fine with me - I like them both.

  13. Well now, we're very different in one respect: no football for us. I don't care for football one bit, and neither do my kids. I'll be watching Miracle on 34th Street, for me it's the kickoff to the holiday season (pun intended). Have a blessed day Janice!

  14. Your Turkey Day sounds like so much fun :o) Food, football, & laughter...The only thing I would add is Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Have a blessed week :o)

  15. Pioneer Woman's mashed potatoes (3 sticks of butter and cream cheese, what's NOT to like?) and ham cooked for hours with whole cranberry sauce and crushed pineapple
    I drink something, water or iced tea or coffee to be sure I'm not dehydrated or in need of caffeine. If i still have it, I take Excedrin.
    I love people watching. Sitting in my car at Walmart is a good place.
    We eat most of our meals at our restaurant. We all work opposite hours so it seems to be the best place. At home, we never eat in the living room, rule from day one.
    Thanksgiving will be small this year. My husband, the 2 boys and my brother in law.


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