Sunday, November 18, 2012

Great give Away get away 7

No Sense Question #7

  There are just two questions left in The Great Get-Away Give-Away.  I cannot believe we have quickly come to the close of the contest!  It has been a blast, and I have enjoyed getting to know many of you even better.  That's the point of all this - right?  Building community.  Being relational.  Life's too much of an adventure to miss out on sharing it.

So here is the question for this week:

You have to give up one of your senses.  Which one will it be and why?

I have always been so in tuned to my senses, I write about them in describing many things.So this post and question came together rather easily.
 I have mom ears, my children never whispered things without me "over" hearing them. I do not need to eavesdrop I have excellent hearing, I purposely turn the radio on at work so I don't hear conversations going on down the halls. But as much as I do not want to hear certain things I have so much more that I would not want NOT to hear so hearing stays! My sight is getting worst, but I still love the fussy colors of a sunset or a sunrise. I enjoy looking into the eyes of a person to see a glimpse of their  heart (it is true you can see the heart thru the eyes).I love to see the look of laughter & love in my families face so I am keeping the sight. Have you ever burnt your tongue on some hot drink or soup? It takes a day or two to get your taste back right? But in that day does it stop you from eating anything delicious? No we sometimes eat more hoping to get a taste. Every time I have been on the liquid diets or IV only, my desire to eat real food goes sky high it is more than just taste, it is the chewing along with the flavors, the salty, crunchy items the more satisfying. Taste is too yummy to give up. Touch is the most basic nurturing need we as humans crave, without touch we are withdrawn and lonely. You can light up a persons whole day by a gentle pat on the arm and what do they say about HUGS?? it is pure happy therapy.... nope not giving up touch. Which leaves me down to smell. I am a smeller, I smell everything, I can not help it. I love the smell of clean hair, candles, pine trees, the ocean, my kids, clean sheets. But with that comes lots of problems....I do not drink milk I hate the smell, I do not drink enough water, again sometimes it smells funny. Some scents give me headaches but I still like the smell at first. I can not eat anything burnt or overly toasted because the smell. Tire stores another place that I get a horrible headache from the smell so my sense to give up would be .....SMELL.


  1. I am with you 100%. I have super-accute smelling and have found that there are so many more unpleasant smells in life than there are pleasant ones.

  2. I think the sense of smell has been the overall scent to ditch! Interesting that we do have such strong reactions to scents. I wondered if the sense of smell got the most 'votes' because there are so many unpleasant smells out there...who knows? I do think it is because the other scents have such a direct connection to others, and THAT is hard to give up.

    Great post!

  3. I am totally in agreeance with Marianne and you on this one J. While there are many smells I treasure, there are infinitely more that bombard me with allergic reactions, so I would be overjoyed to be free of them, and then perhaps I could reduce my disdain from the people who insist on over-indulging in their use!


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