Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy List Tuesday

Happy List 11.27.12

I have missed/skipped this for the last few weeks... a couple reason, 1) I was not happy about changing my blog, 2) things are not going well medically for me 3) I am not a fan of this time of year....WHEW I know that is going to set it off but I am prepared for whatever!
This week isn't ANY better but I am going to go and find at least something to be HAPPY about and list!!!  Here goes........I am HAPPY that some of my best blog buddies are following me here after all.
I am HAPPY to be planning the "SOUP OFF" holiday competition  at work which also includes our annual UGLY sweater contest.
I am HAPPY to have the Lord in my heart!!


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am happy for you.

  2. A soup off sounds fun, and you can't beat the laughs of an ugly sweater contest.

    Thanks for linking up with the Happy List linky. Have a great list.

  3. Those sound like some really positive things to be happy about, and that's a good start. We can't change life, we can change how we deal with it. You hang in there girl, better days coming, I promise! HUGS, Josie

  4. I will be happy for you! :) I am happy about the snow, Christmas lights and Christmas music. I am happy that you are my bloggee pal and I am happy to pray for you every single day! :)

  5. LOL We were just invited to an ugly Christmas sweater/tie party. Doesn't that sound like fun! ;P

  6. yes, an ugly sweater party....do show pictures please, please please! LOL

    that last one -- it'll see you through anything <3

  7. Finding something sometimes brightens a little bit of your week. I do hope your week goes well.

    Yeah for you with the soup cook off and good luck at the ugly sweater party.

  8. I'm always happy to be here! And I always throw an extra prayer your way for better health.

    The new blog is very fancy, but I understand your frustration. Hang in there! We'll keep coming. Like bad breathe. Got mints?

  9. Thinking of you with love and prayer.



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