Sunday, November 11, 2012

Get Away Give away 6

Thanksgiving First Question #6

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How do you feel about the holidays this time of the year, particularly the ever-melding of ThanksChristgivmasing that is continually being 'pushed' more and more each year?

I hate that it gets earlier and earlier for us to see Christmas stuff out on the shelves. I love Halloween it is my favorite. I love to cook Thanksgiving! But i hate Christmas.....YES it is true go a head throw something out me I really do not feel the need to defend my strong dislike for this Holiday. I love that Christ was born on December 25th but how many know the reason for the season? I love the meal we share on Christmas day. But I hate the presents, the rudeness, the commercial aspects. This Holiday leaves me a mess every year I try.... gosh I try, for the sake of my family, but I can honestly say I have had to do a mental health check in more than once during the month of December. So seeing the Santas and such before I have even had a chance to digest a turkey dinner makes me see red (not talking rosy cheeks red either). I am not a bah hum bug.... I am give without wanting, be happy with what you have, Do not complain for what you did not get and stop to say thank you for Jesus being born that day!


  1. I agree that people tend to forget what Christmas is all about. The birth of Christ SHOULD be the most important part of the holiday. Having said that, I LOVE Christmas and all the hoopla and the Santas and the trees and the lights and the smells and the . . . well, I just love it!!!

  2. I agree with you Janice, Christmas has become a secular commercial holiday rather than an observance of Christ's birth. Unfortunately Christians are as much to blame for this, as we have fallen into the trappings as well. It's up to each individual and family to bring Christ back into Christmas. Read the Christmas story (the real one in the Bible, not the movie versions). Instead of getting in major credit card debt, use your money to bless someone in need. Our family made Christmas shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child to bless needy children around the world. How about baking something for a neighbor or a friend who's going through a rough time? When we remember all Jesus has done for us, we should be motivated to show kindness to others, not to shop :P. Don't let the stores and the advertisers steal your joy, Janice. Make Christmas mean what it should: our Savior came, a promise to all who believe. Make that your celebration.

    Hugs, Arlene

  3. I really love how you put this and I agree - we as believers are just as responsible for making it less about Christ and more about the 'stuff'. It seems this concept of Thanksgiving getting glossed over for the trappings of a noisy, expensive, flashy Christmas resonates with a lot of people!

    Thanks for participating!! :)


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