Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Going Orgreen Cooking

So I am trying something out of my comfort cooking zone.....the hubs bought me one of these green cooking pans. The eggs didn't slip right out :(  I am not throwing in the towel completely but the claim no oil or butter etc.. needed is not correct maybe I didn't seasoned it correctly??? The one plus is he only got the one pan not a whole set. Has anyone else taken the plunge with these new cookwares?? What is your opinion on them?

This is seasoning the pan before using for the 1st time

My basket of warrantees 


  1. I am not familiar with this particular product, however I see it is ceramic.

    Have you used baking paper... it is silicone which I have seen a number of times is safe. I place a piece that covers the cooking surface and little way up the sides, warm it, and then crack eggs into it, cover with a lid that fits it, for a 'fried' egg. I have also made omellette, flat bread, pikelets and even 'fried' onion tomato and mushroom, fried bacon, steamed fish(I just dampen the top of the fish with milk and add some spices)just about anything. Just need to experiment to find the happy medium between not enough and too much heat. When finished I have a piece of paper to throw out, and a totally clean pan.

    My pan is a largish surgical stainless steel, and also wonderful for any one-pot meal, or steamed veges etc which I cook with about 2 tablespoons of water and when it boils I turn off the heat to continue cooking.

    Hope you get good use out of the pan... it is so disappointing when a purchase turns out to be a lemon.

    1. What great tips Jan thank you I am going to try that for my holiday cooking :]

  2. I have seen the green pans advertised on TV but I don't have one. I use cooking spray on any skillet I use.



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