Thursday, November 15, 2012

Headaches Answers

How many of us have been experiencing headaches this time of year? So many women can honestly say I have a migraine, but the other types are explained right here.  Positivemed web site has some awesome medicine tips and pictures that just make the whole picture help make sense, I get lots of cluster headaches that because of my strokes scare the beegeezy out of me. I hope this helps make sense of your headache when the stand by migraine isn't quite it today!  Wishing everyone a headache free day!


  1. As a chronic migraine & headache sufferer, I am so over-the-moon excited that Excedrin Migraine is FINALLY back from recall! It's been a year! One loooooong year.

    1. I am told there is nothing even close to touching the pain like Excedrin.


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