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Pondering with a Purpose - A Disaster...or not

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Disaster - or not?
We had some set backs for our big turkey day of I did not have a sure count on guest, son was bring a few friends who didn't go home from college over break, then there is room mates that might want to come and of course the agreement of which relative would be less work to invite from my husbands side.
I AM GOING TO SAY THIS RIGHT OFF THE PAGE......THIS WAS ONE OF OUR BEST DINNERS EVER IN REGARDS TO OUR CHILDREN ALL GETTING ALONG AND US STAYING CALM!!!! BUT................IT WASN'T A DISASTER FREE DAY!!  my FIL got to be the lucky guest on the hubs side, i like my FIL but he has had a lot of health problems and well had only been released from hospital day before the feast, and it isn't an easy road to our house. He made it and his little dog too ughhh I know about loving the pets etc... but we have big dogs he has lil yapper dog who thinks he is going to start a fight with my big girl who only wants to play, so she is penned he is in the house scaring us about biting the baby (it did happen once grandpa kept a close eye on his lil pal he knew 1st chance that lil yapper was going flying with the help of a clog) so gramps is ill and a lot of work, Janie is still suppose to be in bed rest from her butt breaking on skates and then there is me head cook......i had 3 treatments with the kidney DR they flushed them both out and ran more IV meds full of strong stuff it burned my veins and made me mega tired.I couldn't even pick up my kitchen Aid mixer from the floor where I was unloading it Jillian helped me, she vacuumed, dusted, swepted, put groceries away, and when told I just couldn't do much more that I had forgotten to do the rolls early in the am we had no rolls she was the positive girl keeping me from falling apart. Michael had to drive and get Janie and her family their car is still broke down from our Reno trip so he volunteered. I stayed home and cleaned with Jillian, 2 fainting spells, 1 vomiting, and 2 crying issues yes that was all from me not the child LOL. But by golly we had some dang good food this day and later we had some fun card games and tons of laughter so yes it started bad  stayed most the day a disaster but it did have a happy ending!!


  1. WOW>.. and I thought I had a rough day!
    I am so glad that the kids all got along and someday you will look back on this kind of holiday and laugh!

  2. Yikes, you worked so hard to put on this special day for everyone. I'm glad the kids got along (kids will be kids, and not always well-behaved), and that in the end you all had a good time. I hope they all realized the determination you had to do this despite how bad you were feeling. Maybe next year they could pitch in and do the dinner and mom could be the one to sit back and be treated like the very special person that she is! I'm sure there were many hearts grateful to have you there at the table with them!


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