Tuesday, January 15, 2013

More than a Pet Peeve =ANGER

We thought because we have been letting Dollie sleep inside due to the freezing temperatures that it gave the raccoons a free pass to mess in the trash. Our cat had got into a very scuffs that were only heard not seen. But Sunday I was watching out the window and seen our cat stalking something across the yard, i watched the back end of an unknown cat quickly dart into the garden shed at the same time our cat scrambled into it also. We were very impressed with our cats territorial protection until we went looking for the other warrior and found this kitty up in the rafters of the wood shed. She is not very old and our cat immediately quit chasing her because she obviously knew it as well. The kitty starting meowing at us and was not feral, she braved our dogs to get close to us, she wanted to be petted and cuddled up and she was STARVING!! She had been dumped!! I hate yes I know we are not suppose to hate but I hate people that think that it is ok to dump an animal. It has been in the teens and even if there was mice or whatever for this lil kitty to hunt and eat there is much bigger animals that would gladly make her part of their food change. We thought after the 1st day that either our cat or the dogs would run her off to where she belonged but it didn't happen she braved both to try and warm up with us and we had to do the right thing and feed her (yes I know once you feed them they aren't leaving). Two days later she is growing on us and so so sweet, she knows how to stay away from the dogs by getting on the roof and our cat knows she is young so she has quit fighting with her and even let me bring her into the house and on my bed but I know we can not keep her or let her suffer in the elements of winter and my husband is convinced she is possibly pregnant. We called neighbors no one is claiming her.  If you can not keep your pets then do the right thing and take them to the SPCA give them a fighting chance. We have always spayed and neutered our pets as soon as they can be fixed. And I donate to the humane society monthly so this really makes me ANGRY when people abandon poor lil aniamls. THINK people animals need us to be responsible and they do have feelings. We are still not sure if we will keep her but we will do the right thing.
The poor lil dumped kitty

she was so happy to have him hold her, look at that sweet face

second nights meal she would take a mouth full of food and then
scoot off dropping half of it like in litters of starved
animals it was very sad.

She is slowly stealing my heart, I am such a cat lover.

Jill loves her but does not want to share her room.
Can any of my bloggy friends who have cats give me some hints on how to acclimate the 2 cats?? I do not want to run off my 3 year old cat who's home this is and I am struggling with taking new kitty to the SPCA. But I am not sure we can keep both.  I know new kitty will hold her own with the dogs she has proven that but last night we kept our cat in all day & night so she wouldn't hurt new kitty and then there is the expense of getting her fixed and shots to just run off??? What to do what to do erghhhh I hate that she was dumped. 


  1. I hate when people do that also. I don't know anything about cats. We always had dogs. Your a kind person to take the cat in. You have a big heart.

  2. I hate that also. Why can't folks just take their animals to the animal shelter and not dump them out to starve. So many people do that. I don't know much about cats. Wish I could help with your question.

  3. People are animals. What makes anyone think this is ok?

    Oh, I just hate this too. Poor little thing. My kids would gladly take the cutie pie in - she definitely wouldn't suffer from lack of attention here. Too bad I'm not closer. Since I don't have any cats, I don't really have any advice; except just keep loving her like you are until you can figure it out. at least she will have that in her life.

  4. The kitty is so sweet! I have no idea how you could get the cats to bond as I have never had a kitty. Jill looks so cute holding it.

    I hope you are feeling better.

    HUGS!! & Love!!

  5. I feel your anger. And the kitty was apparently a house cat or she would not have let you love on her so much. As far as the expense of having her fixed check with your local animal shelter. When we got our precious K.C. she came from the pound but they had found her in a box in an alley beat up. She was so skittish that it took years before she would show her face when visitors came and she never totally made up with men at all. You are a very sweet person to take her in and I hope she gets to stay.

  6. Actually the two cats will be fine, just give them some time to get used to each other. Cats are a funny breed and will act all put out but eventually they will become friends. We've done this many times, one of us is always bringing home a cute kitten and the older cat will act like it's the enemy but eventually they come around. She's a beautiful kitty!

  7. I've never had a cat so I can't help with your cat question, but she is such a darling! I agree about people dumping their animals; happened a lot here with foreclosures and people moving, couldn't take their pets to their new home, etc. What is scary is when more aggressive breeds or known to be aggressive breeds, like pit bulls, are dumped. I totally agree about being a responsible pet owner on all accounts.


  8. ooooohhhhhh... those things make me soooo mad!
    I think if you take her to the shelter and explain...they will spay her for you.
    good luck and she is really a cutie!

  9. Both of my sisters live in the country and animals are forever being dumped and finding their way to my sister's homes.. It's so sad.. My little sister recently had 4 kittens huddled next to her house but they wouldn't come in. She fed them and made a warm, safe bed for them and they were gone in the morning and never came back. As for the cats.. They will warm up to each other or not, and if not, they'll stay out of each other's way. - Sure is a cutie and I don't think I could give it up either. :)

  10. The first thing I always recommend is to get her checked with your vet. She should have a clean bill of health before she comes into contact with other cats, and your home. Your vet will give you guidance to introduce her gradually. Check with your local vets and shelters to see if someone is looking for her, too. Keep us posted. (PS, let me know what you think of Weeds!)

  11. I am horribly allergic to cats, but the boys have been begging for a dog for ages (I'm still mildly allergic to those, too). The thing is, pets are a lot of work. You call in a lot of favors to handle them when you go on vacation, are gone for the day, etc. There is also the expense. So being as I'm not a particularly brilliant person, why don't people consider this when they get a pet? Do they just assume it's going to be cute and love them and there's no work involved?? It makes me mad that (1) People don't think and (2) They treat living things like garbage. You my friend have a heart of gold. If I ever visit, I'll double up on the Benadryl.


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