Friday, January 18, 2013

Pondering with a Purpose~Love thyself

Pondering with a Purpose - Love thyself?

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I started Pondering with a Purpose because -- simply put -- I am a writer - - that is what I do (I just can't help myself)! And although I love following all the hops, I wanted to see if I could bring out some creativity in not only myself, but some of my blogger friends as well.

The rules are really easy:

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This Week's prompt: Love thyself
Do you love yourself?

To love ones self is probably a double edge sword for some. To often from the outside it looks as if one is vain or so into themselves they only think of themselves, but do not mix that up with being self-centered or selfish. When we spend money on ourselves because we deserve it or it makes us feel better about ourselves somehow is that because we love ourselves and deserving of a little treat in the way of a new handbag or shoes? No!!!  Many people get this concept confused... to love thyself in my opinion,  is to care enough about ourselves that we feel and give love openly. We care for ourselves not in material ways but in emotional ways.
as a child of severe abuse, bounced around in foster care in my teens.  I had a hard time with self love for ME. I know what rejection feels like in the worst way but for me to reject myself would be even worst.
          I do have love for myself an over abundance of it because somebody has to love me.....if not me then who??
            LOVE THYSELF.


  1. This is so well written and very encouraging. After all that you had been through, it is so wonderful to see such a positive side--you are truly a strong & confident person and I think that is awesome!

  2. You made a great point here J, if we can't find love and acceptance for ourselves, how can we hope or expect anyone else to love us? I agree that we do have to learn to nurture ourselves emotionally, and it's ok to do a bit of pampering now and then too. Too many moms, especially never give themselves an hour of quiet time, like a bubble bath with candles or an hour at the park. In the end, it doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks of us, if we can feel love for ourselves we will be ok! Great post!

  3. amazing. you are definitely an inspiration to others who have had the same experiences. learning to love ourselves could be the hardest thing we do, but the greatest gift we give ourselves too.

  4. Bless you and your big heart!

    HUGS!! and Love!

  5. Janice... not only do you love yourself through everything that you have been through... but I love you too!

    I hope you are healthy and healing... (the heart <3)

    Time has a way of fixing most things

    Thanks for pondering with me!


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